Sheep, Sonnets and Ships

I can't believe Winter Work is more than halfway done.  I've been keeping busy with my job.  Currently I'm just finishing up documenting exhibits and artifacts using AutoCAD.  This week I will hopefully join a team that will begin to reconstruct and document a local Bermudian sailing craft. 

In addition to my duties in the office, I've taken on a extra duty in the field - feeding the museum sheep. At first I was worried I might forget to feed them, but they don't let that happen.  Each morning they wait impatiently at the gate to where I'm living and will remind me vocally if I wait too long!

Tweedledum (l) and Tweedledee, as I refer to them, awaiting their daily meal outside my door.

I've also had lots of fun activities keeping me busy outside my work duties. I attended my first poetry reading on Thursday with my coworkers.  It was the launch of This Poem-Worthy Place: Bermuda Anthology of Poetry Vol. II and held at the National Gallery.  Live music accompanied the featured authors (including one of my coworkers) as they read their work.

Recently my supervisor set up a tour of the Spirit of Bermuda for me.  The vessel is used as an ocean classroom for young Bermudians, taking them on local and even international adventures. I met the boat in Hamilton right next to the ferry dock as she was dropping off local schoolboys who had just been on for a week-long trip.  As we were about to depart, the captain put me at the helm and, to my surprise, let me take her from back to Dockyard!

On-board the Spirit of Bermuda.


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